Rukun Negara, driver to racial unity

15/07/2020 08:05 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, July 15  -- The Rukun Negara through its five principles is seen as a driver to achieve strong unity among the multiracial people in the country.

The five principles are Belief in God, Loyalty to King and Country, Supremacy of the Constitution, Rule of Law and Courtesy and Morality.

Describing the unity that is being enjoyed now as extraordinary, former lecturer at the Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia Dr Lim Swee Tin opined it is quite difficult for unification to be achieved if the National Philosophy was not formed in 1970.

“This national philosophy provides directions and guidance that can bring us together in unity.

“Without a national spirit and philosophy like the principles of Rukun Negara, we will probably choose different directions ... where do you want to go, where do I want to go … and this complicates the situation,”  he said when appearing as a guest on a Bernama Radio programme here today.

The Rukun Negara was declared on Aug 31, 1970 and it was formed to promote unity among the people in the country following the May 13, 1969 incident.

According to Lim who is also National Visual Arts Development Board member, the formation of Rukun Negara was the right move in strengthening unity among Malaysians and it remains relevant until today even though 50 years have passed.

“I feel that it was the most appropriate time to introduce it (Rukun Negara) then and to this day it is still the best. We are thankful that our leaders have taken a quick move to formulate philosophy such as the principles of Rukun Negara that help towards national unity.

“I do not see that we are in disunity...the majority of us want to see peace, in our homeland, we see a complete fact, there is already understanding and acceptance...for me this (interracial) acceptance is not easy, one that is extraordinary,” he explained.

Lim, a recipient of the Southeast Asian Writers Award, said the patriotic spirit highlighted in maintaining independence is differed according to the era and times.

“In the past, we may have been (fighting) against the colonialists, but the era after that, after gaining independence, we work together and struggle to develop the country. Outside elements should not be allowed to 'invade' our peace,” he said.

He added that understanding the history of the nation should be given great emphasis for every generation regardless of race and religion from time to time.



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